In Mérida, you'll find grand colonial architecture, bustling marketplaces, high quality restaurants, a thriving night life, and just about anything else a big city offers. 

The crown jewel of the Yucatán, Mérida boasts an International airport and is a wonderful gateway to Izamal and the Mundo Maya.

The Yucatecos take pride in their city, known as "The White City", not only for the predominance of white limestone as a building material, but because of its streets, plazas and parks that are cleaned daily. If you're seeking a taste of city experience while staying at Macan ché, Mérida will not disappoint.

Mérida is a perfect day trip by car (45 minutes to an hour) from Izamal. There are also several buses or collective taxis that travel between Izamal and Mérida daily. We keep copies of the bus schedules at the hotel, but always advise checking at the bus terminal to confirm the times. Buses and collective taxis are very inexpensive, but be prepared to take your time getting there and the latest return to Izamal is around 7pm.


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