The Hotel

Yucatan has many faces, it is the former empire of the Maya with its mystical pyramids and cenotes. But it is also the land of open hearts, the most colorful birds, iguanas and butterflies.
Macan Che, a garden of life, has emerged in Izamal, a small, tranquil town an hour from the coast, a refuge for people who are looking for relaxation, tranquility, healing and answers to their questions. Our Macan Che offers space for a dozen community members, seminar groups and hotel guests.
Thirteen bungalows of various sizes are available for living space and hotel rooms, and our hacienda has six spacious rooms with bathtubs. With us you can do yoga, lie in the sun by the jungle pool or revitalize the energies of your body with an Ayurveda massage. Macan Che is just a few minutes' walk from the center and is an oasis for travelers from all over the world.


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For families or groups, the bungalow "Safari" with its two double beds and two single beds is a comfortable accommodation. The bungalow impresses with its quiet location and the very good price-performance ratio. It can accommodate a maximum of six people.



There are four double bed bungalows available at Macan Che Gardenhotel. The bungalows are located in the heart of the complex. The individual design ensures a cozy atmosphere. They are cozy places where only the chirping of crickets and the singing of the birds can be heard.



Our hacienda includes four comfortable double rooms, each equipped with two queen-size beds. Quietly located, these accommodations offer a good basis for a relaxing stay. Each room is characterized by its individual design. From the hacienda it is only a few meters to the jungle pool.


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