Suggested Itineraries

We love to help our guests plan the perfect visit. Here are a few of our suggested itineraries for your visit to the Yucatan, whether you're here for a long weekend or a longer stay. Be sure to include a good mix of sight-seeing adventure with plenty of time to unwind poolside in one of our hammocks.

3 day itinerary

Day One: Land in Izamal and explore the Yellow City. Walk around the safe streets in this Pueblo Magico and explore the colonial city amongst the antique Mayan ruins. Make sure to visit the Museo de Artes Populares, the ruins in town, and the local artisans' workshops scattered about the village. When you check in, ask for a map and we'll show you where to find all these treasures. You can also arrange a guided tour—but make sure to arrange it when you book so we can coordinate with your arrival time.

Day Two: After a good night's rest, head off right after breakfast for Chichen Itza, just a 45-minute drive on the toll road. Spend the morning touring one of the new seven wonders of the world and finish with lunch in Piste. On your way back to Macan ché take the free road and stop off at the beautiful Cenote Yokdzonot to cool down. If time permits you may want to include Cenote Chihuan in the town of Holca. Make sure you watch for the toll road sign and take the one towards Cancun in order to get back to Izamal (you'll make a u-turn within about 100 M which will put you right by the Izamal exit on the toll road heading west). It is not well marked and easy to confuse.

Day Three: The third day may we suggest a city tour of Merida (especially if it is a Sunday for Domingo en Merida) or if cities aren't your thing head north to the Gulf Coast at Dzilam de Bravo and enjoy a boat trip to see flamingos, crocodiles, and of course the ocean! Make sure to plan lunch there for the most amazing ceviche! Relax back at Macan ché with a margarita and empanadas before you get on your way the next day!

5 day itinerary, the ultimate way to explore the interior

Days 1 through 3: Follow the 3 day itinerary above

Day 4: Take a day trip to Hacienda Sotuta de Peon followed by the ruin Mayapan (or the other way around). The hacienda tour is the ultimate history tour, and I don't mean boring! It is a great way to understand the region's "green gold" or henequen. Reservations need to be made for the tours, just ask the receptionist at Macan ché. Near by is the last inhabited ruin in the Yucatan, Mayapan. A beautiful, climbable, manageable sized ruin with some of the original finishes. The drive is not long and a hammock awaits you at Macan ché!

Day 5: On the last day schedule a massage, read a book by the pool, or nap in a hammock. But if you are still ready for more adventure, head to Cuzuma cenotes. There you will enjoy a ride through the jungle on a horse-drawn cart to enjoy the beauty of 3 cenotes!


Yucatán "Musts:"

Cenotes are underground rivers, naturally formed wonders created by the filtration of water through the limestone surface. They are sources of plentiful crystalline water and can be found only in the Yucatán Peninsula, Florida and Cuba. The Mayans consider these 'sinkholes' sacred and gifted by the gods. They're also a great way to cool down from the heat!

Uxmal, Mayapan, Aké, Ek Balam, and of course the world-famous Chichén Itzá are all driving distance from Macan ché. Come and explore these fascinating ancient Mayan cities and structures!

Many of the old henequen farms and factories that produced sisal-- the "green gold" that put Yucatán on the map In the late 19th century-- are still travel destinations today, as museums, five-star hotels, and high-quality restaurants. You can even visit a "working hacienda," just a short drive from the hotel, to learn more about the history of the henequen trade.

Colonial Cities
Of course, while you're here, you'll explore all that Izamal, "the Puebla Magica," has to offer! But beautiful Valladolid and Mérida are also just a short drive away.